Hey everyone and Happy April (I actually can’t believe its April already… hehe)!! I just want to start off with thank you for 13 views (in total), I honestly wasn’t expecting that many, and for the likes yesterday considering that I’ve only just started!! Thank you so much!! If you haven’t read my first proper […]

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Easter Hols!!

YAHOO!! (not the email…) I’m now on my Easter hols and I can’t wait to eat a bunch of chocolate!!! :P;) Also I’m doing a lot of fun things this Easter break, and I’ve bought a bunch of new books on my kindle AND they were on offer (it was actually a good deal so…..) so I’m really looking forward to it! What about you guys?? Doing anything super fun (even if its just relaxing at home…..)

Also hopefully the weather will stay this nice (22 degrees for where I am is pretty good I must say…..) But knowing the traditional weather it will end up raining  as soon as I actually get off the sofa and actually go outside… ahh yes, the bond between mankind and sofas….!

Oh yeah as I literally just mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, I love to read… don’t judge but I can get soooooo into books! I think its awesome because you can make the authors description of the character your own, like you can imagine what they look like and the scenery they are in (I’ll try and not get too carried away here)! This is why I love the movie-book adaptation kind of film because I love to compare my ideas of the book with others… don’t you?? What my friends find hilarious is the way I always (and I mean always….) end up getting connected to a character/ and then when something really dramatic happens or when I finish the actual book, and I then end up sending a text that’s like 837372892 miles long to my friends about it…. they say something like this…. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG DID YOU READ ABOUT WHAT HAPPEND TO JEFF!!! AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT JEFF2.0 TOO!!!! AWWWWW THEY ARE SO GOALS I CAN’T EVEN!!!! I CAN’T BELIVE YOU’VE NEVER READ THIS BOOK LIKE HOWWWWWWWW…… ANYWAYS YOU HAVE TO READ…. ik ik lets say my description skills aren’t up to scratch…. tragic I know… And then when autocheck/autocorrect comes out to play my friends can’t actually understand what I’m saying because autocheck has practically changed. every. single. word. in. my. sentence…. so then instead they look something like this OMD ONG OMG OMG OH MY DAD WHO READ AROUND HAT HAPPENED RO CHESS!!!! AMD DONUT FOR GET ACCOUNT CHESS2.0!!!! IERYREUWIAKSJD THEY ARE SO GOATS I CAN’T EVEN!!!!! I CAT BELIVE YOU’VE NEVER TREAD THY LOOK LIKE HOWWWWWWEEWW….. ABYWAYS U HAVE RO RED…. I think that’s full marks in SPAG for me!!… Have any of you had to try and battle the ways of autocheck?? As you can tell I certainly have…. I don’t know why I even said that but there we go…. enjoy!!

So yeah comment below (hopefully if anyone has been reading this ;)) what you’re doing over your break as I would loveee to hear your stories!?

Hope you enjoyed my first random and proper blog post…. (remember please bare-with me as I’m still trying to figure this all out)

Thanks y’all and hope you’re having a great day!!!

Byeeeee 🙂


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Hello!! :)

Heyyyy everyone! So my friends say that I can say some random things…. (Hopefully not too random) so they said that I could/should start a blog…. Sooooo I’ve started a blog! Hooray! 🙂 I also tried to write diaries but they kind of flopped… also it got to the point that when I decided to […]

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